The Difference Between Malware and Viruses

So what is the difference between malware and viruses anyways? Lets break a few things down first.

People create any type of malware, virus or spyware to destroy something or get information. The end result of what is wanted makes the difference in what type of bug they plant. That is why there are different types such as malware, adware, viruses, and more. Now we will discuss the different types of “diseases” that affect computer systems.

  • First off malware is a general term for these types of bugs. It encompasses all of these softwares that are built to harm a software system. Most just cause issues with the software or bog down a system but some advanced malware will steal information or try to get financial gain from getting into the system.
  • Next a virus is a common term that we use interchangeably other types of malware but it is just like what a common virus is. It is code that is sent out and it starts to attack the system as a whole. It then breaks down the software and acts like a parasite that has taken over the device until it has been completely removed.
  • Adware is a software that creates ads targeted towards your search history and the user. The person who wrote the initial software gets profit from these ads and they do it as a way of making money. Creators will often make them for clients that aren’t meant to be malicious but the information is being stolen unless the consumer gives permission. Not only is it obnoxious but the adware can slow down your computer like any other type of malware and make it hard to function.
  • Lastly, spyware is basically what it sounds like. It is a bug that is planted to spy on you. It tracks what sites you visit, your personal information you enter, and any other actions that are taken by the user. Spyware can be extremely difficult to detect so it is best to protect against it ever getting onto the computer in the first place.

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