Block Out Annoying Phone Calls

Had someone ask recently how to block unwanted callers. Also I don’t know what it is but I have been getting lots of new scam calls so I thought I would post a little thing about how to stop unwanted callers.

The first thing I do when I get a call is look up the area code. If it is on my cell phone it will say where it is from. Chances are you won’t be getting calls from a different state or random places you haven’t heard of so that is the first sign that it is a scam caller or telemarketer.

The second thing I do when I find out a number is unwanted is that I block the number. On your phone you go to the phone call detail and then hit block. The phone number will not be able to reach you again.

The last thing I do is go to the source. You can call up a company or ask to talk to their manager and file a complaint.

There are a lot of other ideas that you can find here but these are my go-to tips for getting rid of annoying phone calls.