So Many Retail Stores Closing…Why?

We have been talking about this a ton lately and so I found it interesting when I ran across this article today in the tech news. So many of these big box stores are struggling and eventually closing down because of online purchasing.

My question to you is how have you changed your shopping habits? I personally was trying to find something for Mother’s Day today, just a reminder to you all it is on Sunday ;), and I first looked online. It is so much easier to just jump on Amazon and find something and have it shipped to your house. I personally have been a big believer in only buying clothes or shoes in store because you never know how they fit. I have changed my tone lately and bought shoes online yesterday. We also bought a new drone and got it for less than half the price when they had a killer deal on Amazon a few weeks ago. This way we didn’t have to fight lines, checking different stores, and mostly wrangling the 3 little kids.

What do you think of it all? Do you still go to most stores to get your items or what do you find online?

Find the full article here.