Chipotle Got Hacked-Protect Yourself!

Chipotle made a statement that those who had purchases made March 24, 2017-April 18, 2017 may be affected. For the whole story go to They also have a site set up for updated information on the case. You can find that here.

Chipotle has has a rough year or more but to say that this type of thing is uncommon would be a lie. There aren’t as many times where this happens to large companies since they protect themselves and their technology systems but it still happens. That is why we can not say enough about protecting your computers and other devices. While nothing is 100% you would be shocked at how many times we hear people say that they lost all their pictures, their huge project got wiped out, or their credit card information got stollen while using an online portal.

At XenoPro we offer a complete security suite at just $5/mo. This includes anti-virus, malware, and identity threat protection while also protecting you while offline. If you want to upgrade to all this and unlimited backup it is $10/mo. This is all managed by XenoPro but you can customize or update whatever it is that you want. You have the control or we can get it all done for you if you want.