Our Tech Services Are Up!!!

We are so excited to announce that our management and tech support services are up. So the question is what do we offer?

At XenoPro, we are an MSP (Management Service Provider) so we take care of your management needs so you don’t have to worry about it. We offer management plans, computer hardware fixes, software repair, website hosting and development, and phone or tablet support.

We will focus on each of these items throughout the next week or two but the first items we are addressing are our management plans. For our plans or more info you can go to our site here. We offer our anti-virus plan for only $5/mo where it has real-time top of the line virus protection. This stops the viruses from getting onto your device and protects you and your information. It also does a deep system cleaning twice a year. This is to make sure there aren’t any viruses that have gotten through the cracks. Since we are an MSP we send a file once the payment is made, it is downloaded, and we take care of it all. You can adjust it if you want and do specific downloads but we take the worry out of it and no stupid pop-ups telling you to do a scan. You can buy your anti-virus here.

Our second option is the anti-virus+unlimited cloud backup. Yes UNLIMITED!!! Many backup companies charge you by how much you upload or download and this is only $10/mo. You are busy and you don’t have time to worry about overages so we have a great system that we work with to provide it unlimited. Once again it does it automatically through our system so no concern on your part but it is fully customizable to how you want. You can buy your anti-virus and backup here.

We get calls all the time about “I lost all the pictures of my baby’s first year” or “our business files are all gone!” With these plans you won’t get those viruses but also if there is a problem with your computer or device your documents, pictures, and more will be protected. We hope you all are as excited about this as we are!