Streaming Devices for TV: Chromecast

This week we will be focusing on streaming devices. We will show you a few different options and what we like and don’t like about them.

Before we get started we want to talk about streaming devices for tv and why to go with them. Some people may not have a smart tv or some type of gaming system to play shows and movies through. A streaming device is a small item that fits into your tv and connects you to the internet. This makes it simple to watch online shows, YouTube videos, or Netflix at the touch of your remote or even on your Smart Phone. Most of these devices are very simple in nature but open up a huge array of options on what to watch instead of paying a premium price for cable. The nice thing is that if you have cable or satellite television there are usually more options on the internet with your provider so it makes it even more valuable and more bang for your buck.

So first off this week we will be hitting on the Chromecast, specifically the 2nd generation. We want to talk about this one because we know a lot about it and we love the pricing. We personally have had a few of these Chromecasts. We enjoyed the first one so much we wanted the newer version and also we have gotten some for family members. They are simple to use and we love that you can do just about anything from your phone. We love getting kids television apps or Netflix and we can “cast” the shows to the Chromecast and it instantly comes up on the tv when you are on wifi.

The other thing that we love about Chromecast is the price. For around $35 you can have a ton of access to other shows without having to pay for cable or satellite television.

The one downside to this is that there is no remote for the tv. Some people like to have a physical remote instead of just using your computer or Smart Phone. For us it works but not everyone likes that. Also every once in a while it can be a bit quirky but we have learned how to use it and don’t have any issues with the newer generation model.

Check back this week to find out about more streaming devices.


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