New Year’s Resolution: Technology Version

It is the new year and everyone is talking about clearing out their entire house or losing 70 lbs. Well we have a new year’s resolution that will be easy: clean up all your technology. This means backup those pictures from your phones or computers. Remove all those dumb apps you never use. Upgrade your hard drive or ram if your computer is still going slow.

All of these things can be done in a short time and can make a huge difference. This can make your work go so much faster without all the space on your drive taken up. Also if you have been meaning to backup your computer do it today! Stop procrastinating! We see way too many people who need their computers fixed that haven’t backed them up. A computer or phone are replaceable but not certain documents or special pictures. Go out and get an external hard drive and do it yourself. Also now is a great time to install some anti-virus to protect against a virus ruining your devices. If you are interested email us at for online back up or anti-virus protection that is hassle-free.

Hope 2017 is great for all of you!