#AmazonPrimeAir Makes It’s First Delivery

It has happened. Amazon Prime Air has made its first official delivery. On December 7th, a drone by Amazon delivered some popcorn and Amazon Fire TV in England in under a half hour after the purchase. It must have been a popcorn emergency to use Amazon Prime Air to get it to the customer. We understand, we are a popcorn house ourselves.

In all seriousness, this could revolutionize how we get things. We no longer have to go into shopping stores we order online and they either bring it to your car or deliver it to your home. For things not at the supermarket, you can order online and get them in 2 days with prime. Now, things are brought to your home in just minutes. We truly have become a generation of instant gratification. That may seem negative but it actually sounds pretty great from a business standpoint. We get a computer in that needs fixing and you could have the parts in just minutes. This could completely eliminate the need for on hand inventory. Also, you have a sick kid in the middle of the night and you can get over the counter medicine brought to your door.

A lot of people may be put off by this, which is understandable, it would be a little weird for a drone to ring your doorbell. Do they ring the doorbell? We have to realize that this is becoming our reality. Our future is now becoming our present. Who would have thought that technology would be like it is today. Remember how they laughed at Steve Jobs and his personal computers? What do you think about this new #AmazonPrimeAir?