Send Money in Seconds For Christmas

We all know those people who have everything they need and you just can’t find ANYTHING to get them for Christmas. They have the latest and greatest gadgets, the newest toys, whatever is the hippest thing. So what do you get them? You could get them a gift card but what if they don’t like it then you spent that time and money for no reason. Well we have a solution for you. Money!

Who doesn’t like getting money for Christmas?  They can use it to put towards the new computer they have been eyeing or those fancy new shoes. It takes the guesswork out of it.

So we have a few solutions for you to get money to whoever you need in just seconds. Electronic transfer of money through simple apps or online processing.

The first is PayPal. PayPal has been around for a while and a lot of people have it so this makes a great option for sending money. They have a simple app if that appeals more to you, or you can just make a payment online.

The second option that we are loving now is Venmo. When we started with this app we thought what was really the point but we love it! It really is so quick to send money to pay back a friend for lunch, payment for daycare, or Christmas money of course. Once you have it linked to your bank account or credit card you simply select your friend, enter the amount and hit send.

The last option that we have found out about is Dwolla. We haven’t had too much exposure with this but it is very similar to the other electronic wallets. Simple, easy, and fast way to move money around.

Everyone is super busy this holiday season and it is great to give presents and treats but there also is a time when money just works best. Now don’t go giving your 3-year-old a hundred bucks through Dwolla instead of that doll she has begged for but if your nephew is saving up money to buy him a laptop for college this option is perfect. Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

*This is not an advertisement but our own thoughts and feelings