Sony is Bringing Music Back Into Your Life

There is this product by Sony, that was recently released called a LED Bulb Speaker. It really is exactly what it sounds like, or whatever you choose it to sound like.

Sony came out with some new inventive products to change the way you live in your homes. These include lamps, lightbulbs, speakers, and all the above in one product. They have some cool things available.

The one product that we found super interesting is the LED Bulb Speaker. It is a lightbulb and speaker in one. When you turn on the lights it instantly turns on the music that you want. This bulb fits into any regular lightbulb plug. It is adjustable or changeable with a remote or a smart phone app. It is basically like a bluetooth speaker but with some different features, oh and you know, from a light bulb! The bulbs are at about $239 a pop! It seems like a lot but I love the idea of all of our devices, homes, and tech stuff working together. We are quickly approaching a day when our entire home will run off of an app. Now if only the app could fold our laundry. Not quite there yet.

There are 192 colors options and different brightness choices. It would be nice to set it to be a dim light when you wake up to work but the spouse is sleeping. It also would be fun to do a red or green light with Christmas music playing. There are some really fun features to these bulbs and their other products.

We still can’t decide if the bulb is too far out there or if we love the idea. The verdict is still out. What do you think?

You can find more information here.

*This is not an advertisement but our own thoughts and feelings