Google Wifi Is Everything You Have Ever Dreamed Of

How many of you have had to buy a new router? How many of you are sick and tired of your lame router going out or giving you slowed down connectivity? *Raises Hand

While keeping up to date with our tech world we were so excited to hear about Google Wifi. Really it is from Google so you know it is going to be good. Google Wifi is basically an internet router alternative to give better access throughout your whole home.

Some things that we love about it are the price, the options, and the ease of control. The price starts out with a one pack at $129. This covers a home of about 1500 sf. This gives great coverage for a smaller area. The other part that we love is the options. Not only can you get a one pack but you can also buy a 3 pack or as many as you want for the size that you need. The 3 pack covers an area of about 4500 sf. You can add on to that if you want also. The last part that we absolutely love is the app that it uses. There is an app associated with Google Wifi and you can easily share network passwords for guest, turn off for family dinner, or prioritize devices so you can get the best coverage for working at home.

There really is so much to love about this product. You can check out their website at Let us know what you think about this new option!


*This is not an advertisement but our own thoughts and feelings