Xenophobia and Other Fears

Each year Dictionary.com comes up with a word of the year that defines the year. The word for 2016 is xenophobia. Xenophobia is a “fear of foreigners”. As we thought about this word and the relation to our company name, XenoPro (meaning out of this world programing or technology), we wanted to relate it just a bit. Xeno means out of this world, foreign, or strange. In the case of xenophobia it means a phobia, or fear, of the foreign.

The reason why there is xenophobia is because people don’t understand foreigners or the lifestyle of those from other countries. We get comfortable with what we do and stepping out of that is hard.

We see this fear all the time in the technology world. People are afraid of it so they just don’t want to learn more about it. This is why we love teaching tech classes. We hope that people will learn more about technology and not be so afraid. We want them to gain confidence in themselves and in technology so that they can work together.

We thought this was an interesting topic of how our fears get in the way of us being successful. We all have fears. We all have our talents. Often we judge others because our fears and talents are different. That is why we want to help all those around who are willing to learn. We want to teach, but also be taught.

So what is your personal fear?