Upgrade Your Computer Quick!

Get a new computer over this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend? There were a lot of great deals and I am sure you can find awesome deals up until Christmas. If you didn’t get a new computer you can easily upgrade your computer for a low cost. Here are two tips for you that may fit your budget.

The first tip is to upgrade your ram. Most computers you can easily upgrade the ram by doubling or tripling the speed. It can turn a bogged down old computer, to a faster almost brand new one. This can cost anywhere from $30-$80 which is better than splurging for a new computer.

The second tip is to get a solid state drive. This is easily installed, along with the ram, and can dramatically improved the speed of your computer. It especially makes the start up of the computer faster by taking seconds to start instead of minutes. This is one of the greatest improvements you can do to an older computer to get the life back into it. You can get a 500 gb one for about $120.

Those are just a few tricks that we like to use to fix a computer fast. Hope these tips help those who are looking for an alternative to buying a new computer.