Protect Your Family With Filters on Your Computer, Phones, and Other Devices

The average age of children being exposed to pornography is 7-8 years old! It has gotten younger and younger over the past few years due to the accessibility to technology but also to the pornography business fighting so hard to get them addicted at an even younger age.

Technology is not a bad thing and for just about everyone you can’t just ignore it. We use computers at work, our phones to call, find an address, check our social media, and so much more. The real key is finding ways to protect yourself and your family so that you feel safe using technology.

At XenoPro we offer a class called Filtering-Protecting Yourself and Family From Explicit Material and Viruses. In this class, you will learn all about ways to filter unwanted material and learn about how to protect against downloaded viruses. We will give simple tips and tricks that will make a huge impact on your peace of mind. These tips will include how to block material that comes through your wifi home network, basic blocking on your phone or tablet that include on iOS and Android devices. Also we will give ideas on what programs you can use at home for free or some that cost money (we are not affiliated with any company these are just our own preferences).

Whether it is for protecting your business computers, at home office, family computer, cell phones, or more, we will help you find the answers to the filtering that you are wanting.