I Got a New iPhone Now What?

Did you get the newest iPhone? Are you tired of fighting with your iPhone to back it up? Are you struggling to add more music to your iPad? Does the thought of switching devices give you a headache? We are now offering a new class called Features and Guide to Using Your iPhone and iPad. This class will help all to get better use out of their devices.
I get questions ALL THE TIME about how to switch over phones, backing up, how to install/remove/change apps, using iCloud, Google drive, and many more that I can’t list them all! I thought it would be great to create a class specifically for iPhone and iPad users. We are on our phones all the time. They really have become an extension of our bodies. We rely on them to find addresses, our email, our social media, calling, texting, pictures, and so much more! That is why it is important to really know how to use them to the max!
In this class you will learn:

  • backing up your iPhone/iPad
  • adding music to your device
  • setting up a new iPhone or transferring devices
  • removing pictures from device
  • making better use of storage
  • new iOS 10 features
  • using your cloud storage
  • and lots of other fun tips and tricks

Whether you have had an Apple device for a long time or you are new to the show, there is a lot of fun things to learn to maximize the potential of your iPhone or iPad.

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What do you want to learn most about with your iPhone or iPad?