XenoPro Classes

At XenoPro we love not only fixing things but also teaching others how to do the same. We offer classes at our Pleasant Grove office and also online. These classes are typically 60 minutes long, unless specified otherwise, where students receive instruction, hands-on training, and get questions answered. Our classes range from the basics of computers to website design and more. There is no experience needed to take these classes. We truly just want to help people become more confident with their technology.


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Computer Protection, Security & Backup

Wed, May 17, 2017 6:00 PM

Are you concerned about all of your families photos and what will happen to them if your computer crashes? Are you concerned about what is being viewed on your computers, cell phones, or tablets? Are you concerned about if you computer is really protected?


We will give simple tips and tricks that will make a huge impact on your peace of mind.


Whether it is for protecting your business computers, at home office, family computer, cell phones, or more, we will help you find the answers to the filtering, protection, and backup that you are wanting.


Come join us for a free class on how you can protect your computers from the many attacks out there. This class is available online and at our location.


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