Finally No Internet Required For Netflix

Yesterday Netflix announced that they are now offering downloads for their service. Uhh….what does that mean? So here is how Netflix works: you pay for a service, you select your favorite shows or movies, and then the video is streamed through your internet connection. This new update means that you can download your favorite videos and then watch them wherever you are. It may not seem like a big deal to some but for others it is huge.

So take for example, you travel a lot. When you are on the airplane you only get to watch the shows that you own on your device or you can pick between the two movies they cycle through on the plane. No thanks! With this new service you can download a show and binge watch on the plane or on your long drive. This is especially nice if you have kids. We love going Jeeping in Southern Utah and it is nice to have shows for the kids to watch. This can take a bit of work downloading your own movies or carrying all the dvds with you for a dvd player. With the new update you can download new shows for the kids and yourself to watch. You can also watch shows while you are working out or just in an area that you don’t get wifi. These downloads do take space when downloaded and are only available while you have the service.

There are other services that do this like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other cable services. The benefit of Netflix is the price. The monthly subscription is only $7.99. This makes it affordable for a lot of people.

You can go to for help in downloading videos or finding out more about this service.

We love all the different advances in technology. Some of these things you never knew you even needed, but once you have them you can’t live without them. Alright I will stop talking so you can go download and bing watch your shows now.